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Keep up to date with the latest film releases with the Ufindus Film and Movies directory. Sites listed here belong to businesses providing film services in and around the UK. A wide variety of services are just a click away. Whether you are looking for home DVD rentals or cinema listings, the Ufindus news directory can supply you with all the relevant contacts in your area. Web sites listed in the Ufindus news directory cover areas including new blockbuster films to classic movies. The Ufindus Film and Movies directory has all your bases covered!

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London is the capital and largest city of the United Kingdom, on the Thames River in southeast England. Greater London consists of 32 boroughs surrounding the City of London, built on the site of a Roman outpost named Londinium. London's growth as an important trade center dates from 886, under the rule of Alfred the Great. Since the Elizabethan period London has dominated its country's political, economic and cultural life.

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KLA Film & Video Communication

Tel: 020 8347 9567 - 57 North Vw Rd, London, N8 7LN

Shoot Productions

Tel: 020 8348 7404 - 23 Glebe Road, London, N8 7DA

Co Film

Tel: 020 8340 0340 - 82 Highgate High Street, London, N6 5HX (1.52 miles)

Contemporary Films

Tel: 020 8340 5715 - 24 Southwood Lawn Road, London, N6 5SF (1.52 miles)

Prestech Film Restoration Labs

Tel: 020 7226 5995 - 22 Highbury Grove, London, N5 2EA (1.71 miles)

Itch Film

Tel: 020 7609 6909 - 1 Mackenzie Road, London, N7 8QZ (1.8 miles)

Philip W Canty

Tel: 020 8444 5883 - 68 Woodland Gardens, London, N10 3UA (1.85 miles)

As If Film Matters

Tel: 020 7253 7861 - 4 Nile St, London North, N1 7ZZ (2.07 miles)

Windfall Films

Tel: 020 7251 7676 - 1 Underwood Rw, London, N1 7LZ (2.07 miles)

Oscar Productions

Tel: 020 8211 3777 - 44 Crown Lane, London, N14 5ER (2.78 miles)

Icon Entertainment North Finchley

Tel: 020 8492 6300 - Solar House 915 High Road, North Finchley, London, N12 8QJ (3.82 miles)

Indo Pak Films

Tel: 020 8887 0515 - 1 Church Street, London, N9 9DR (4 miles)

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