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Wexford is the county town of County Wexford in the Republic of Ireland. It is near to the south eastern tip of Ireland, close to Rosslare Europort. Wexford has a population of approximately 9,500 inhabitants. Wexford was originally called Menapia after a prehistoric Belgic tribe who occupied the area. The current name, Wexford, derives from the Viking name Waesfjord - literally 'the harbour of the mud flats'. The Celts occupied Wexford 6000 years ago. Their principal means of survival was getting sustenance from primitive agriculture and stock rearing. Less than two centuries later, Wexford would become a springboard for invasion by the numbers. Cromwell visited Wexford in 1649. His campaign included the capture of castle at Ferns and Enniscorthy, and the town if Wexford itself. The 1798 Rebellion left many marks in Wexford. Father John Murphy Parish Priest of Boolvaogue led several thousand men and women armed with pikes and scythes into resistance and won an important victory on the Hill of Oulart. Wexford was once a port, however it was never very successful thanks to shifting sands, which changed the draft of the port regularly. A port was built instead at Rosslare Harbour (now Rosslare Europort), about 20km south of Wexford. Rosslare is a year round deepwater port, unaffected by tides. Wexford is only used by small fishing boats. The layout of Wexford follows the quays, with the main street running almost parallel to the river. The vast majority of shops in Wexford lie on this street. The town is connected to the northern part of the county via a bridge, which is the longest in Ireland. Wexford hosts three operas a year. The opera festival in the town was created to bring visitors to the town, which had little in the way of attractions. The festival started in 1951, with two operas. In 1963, an extra opera per year was added. The festival takes pride in performing little known works from well known composers, and has started the careers of many singers. The event is world renowned, and is performed at the end of October every year, with each oper being performed successively, thus it is possible to watch each opera over three consecutive nights. A number of other events take place during the festival, including pub singing, concerts and recitals. Wexford is also served by rail. Services from Dublin pass through Wexford en route to Rosslare Europort (where connections to passenger ferries can be made). Nearby towns to Wexford include Wexford, Rosslare (and Rosslare Europort), Murntown, Ferrycarrig, Waddingtown, Tullycanna, Bridgetown, Kilrane, Castlebridge, Curracloe, Galbally and Camaross.

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