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The Ufindus Public Relations directory contains a large number of essential links to the web sites of UK businesses offering products and services related to the fields of public relations. With the UfindUs public relations directory, a wealth of public relation related information, products and services are just a click away. Wherever you are in the UK, the UfindUs public relations directory can put you in touch with businesses in your area offering products and services related to public relations. The Ufindus public relations directory supplies you with all the essential public relation contacts in your area.

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London is the capital and largest city of the United Kingdom, on the Thames River in southeast England. Greater London consists of 32 boroughs surrounding the City of London, built on the site of a Roman outpost named Londinium. London's growth as an important trade center dates from 886, under the rule of Alfred the Great. Since the Elizabethan period London has dominated its country's political, economic and cultural life.

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Headley Public Relations Ltd

Tel: 020 8348 1234 - 22 Mount View Road, London, N4 4HX (0.84 miles)

Jo Olsen

Tel: 020 7690 7199 - 24 Prah Road, London, N4 2RB (0.84 miles)

Max Kay Public Relations

Tel: 020 8340 4834 - 5 Addington Road, London, N4 4RP (0.84 miles)

Katryn Dighton Press Relation Consultants

Tel: 020 8348 3848 - 67 Highgate Wst Hl, London, N6 6BU (1.52 miles)

Rhoda Katz Public Relations

Tel: 020 8341 5898 - 10 Broadbent Close, London, N6 5JW (1.52 miles)

Aidan Prior Communications

Tel: 020 7704 1701 - 14 Herrick Road, London, N5 2JX (1.71 miles)

Hayes Anderson

Tel: 020 8245 1010 - 18 Winton Avenue, London, N11 2AT (1.95 miles)

Freedom PR

Tel: 020 7288 6762 - Business Design Cntr Upper St, London, N1 0QH (2.07 miles)

Lee Publicity

Tel: 020 7359 2288 - 88 Islington High Street, London, N1 8EG (2.07 miles)

Macbeth Media Relations

Tel: 020 7700 5959 - Mountfort Ho Barnsbury Sq, London, N1 1JL (2.07 miles)

Playmaker Communications

Tel: 020 7684 8488 - 4-5 Academy Bldgs, London, N1 6LQ (2.07 miles)

Neon Management

Tel: 020 7359 4884 - 34 Clare Lane, London, N1 3DB (2.07 miles)

Macdonald Wynne Davies

Tel: 020 8444 0709 - 93 Bedford Road, London, N2 9DB (2.91 miles)

Stephen Barry Publicity Services

Tel: 020 8341 6660 - Noblefield Height Great Nth Rd, N2, N2 0NX (2.91 miles)

Holbrook Public Relations

Tel: 020 8441 9224 - 17 Bulwer Road, Barnet, Hertfordshire, EN5 5JD (5.05 miles)

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